Vancouver Island: +40,2°C, all-time August record!

Only in the last articles we informed about the next extreme heat dome, which will be shifting from Northwest, USA and British Columbia along border regions of the USA and Canada /;

Heatwave already has started and temperatures up to 104°F / +40°C are not reported only from Portland, Oregon area, but too from Vancouver Island, where on Friday, 13. August 2021, historic +40,2°C was measured.

It´s the highest temperature in Vancouver Island in August in all-time history.

Weekend’s heatwave warning escalated to ‘Extreme Heat Alert’ by Environment Canada.

The region is affected by air pollution and smoke from wildfires, which is associated with warmer nights than average. Daily temperatures near good conditions should near situations such these increase extremely highly.

Heatwave is currently reported from western, southern, and eastern Canada, while north-central Canada reports an Arctic blast.

Extremely hot air soon will shift above the northern Rocky Mountains, Canadian Plains, Northern Plains, Great Lakes region, southeastern Canada, and Northeast, with a possible peak of Summer 2021.

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Author: marekkucera
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