Vietnam: 62 dead and 6 tropical waves, next 2000 mm of rain is expected

Situation in Vietnam is more than critical. It is a natural disaster. After 3 tropical waves (2 tropical stroms - Linfa and Nangka and tropical depression 91W Invest) are coming next 3 tropical threats - tropical depressions 94W Invest, 95W Invest and 96W Invest, with next severe floods in Central Vietnam (and Phillipines, Laos, Cambodia and India, and possibly Thailand and Myanmar).

According to current news, rainfalls up to 1500 mm for few days (mentioned in articles below) has brought 62 dead and 5 missing in Vietnam and next minimally 19 dead in Cambodia and Laos and 3 in Phillipines, with total fatalities minimally 84 people during current tropical waves in Southeastern Asia.

Tropical waves after shifting from the Philippines above South China sea to Central Vietnam are continuing on their tracks over Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar above Bay of Bengal and then India, where, they are bringing net severe floods. On of the system even, has survived a way over India and is moving over Arabian sea towards Eastern Africa.

At the weekend, systems 94W Invest and 95W Invest are bringing next heavy rains and storms in Central Vietnam and 96W Invest will come over Vietnam already around Friday, 23. October, with next rainfall and severe floods.

It very possible, that death tool will increase in the region, and few hundreds people could die in Southeastern and Eastern Asia until the end of October 2020, thanks to extremely strong tropical waves from Pacific caused by wet MJO and La-nina.

Its interesting, that these tropical waves have similarly the same stormtracks with east to west direction. It is possible, that negative phase of Arctic Oscillation (AO-) is helping near this current trend and hold Asian monsoon in more southern areas.

According to NOAA, wet MJO phase in the region persist over the region until minimally 4. November 2020. According to, next 2000 mm (or more) of rain is expected in Central Vietnam (model is usually underrated - lastly has been expected 1500 mm for 16 day and has fallen for 6-day period).

If you live in the region or have or plan vacations in Southeastern or Southern Asia, watch current weather news, forecasts and warnings, because heavy monsoon trend will be continuing minimally until the end of October 2020.

Infographics:, NOAA,

MJO 40-day forecast. Green = wet phase. Source:
Expected 16-day Total Accumulated Rainfall /

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