Colorado: The largest wildfire in history

September early arrival of winter conditions didn´t help and Colorado is more than a month after recorded cooldown (called sometimes a “summer blizzard” /;;; alives extreme wildfire conditions, moreover with strong winds and dangerous air quality.

About Pine Gulf Fire we have informed during the summer /; – it is the second largest wildfire in Colorado in all-time history, in 2020.

Last weeks, however, Cameron fire complex has become the largest wildfire in Colorado, with current burned area almost 180 000 acres. Lot of populated structures has been destroyed.

Cameron fire threatens mainly region westward from Fort Collins and people are breathing toxic air far away, not only in Colorado, but too in Midwest, Texas, New Mexico and other Rocky Mountains states. People in Fort Collins are in big tension, if wildfire hit this big city with 170 000 inhabitants.

During the weekend, severe winds more than 110 km/h / 70 mph over Rockies are worsening the situation and mountainous areas expects 6 – 12 inches of snow, which will falling to the burned area.

Until the end of October 2020, a big coldwave is in the USA and Canada expected / and wildfires should retreat, but from the beginning of the November, AO+ is expected, with possible warm and dry conditions in the region /

Then, drought in Southwest is expected until December 2020, with good wildfire conditions mainly in California, but too in other Southwestern states /;


Wildfires in Colorado above 50 000 acres, Source:
Wildfire, wind and air quallity alerts in the wide region /Source:
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