Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney with the coldest May nights in 94, 72 and 54 years

May 2021 brought very cold times in Australia, too.

Sydney already earlier in May reported the coldest periods of nights since 1967, +8,6°C and only +1,0°C was measured in Camden, west of Sydney /

At the end of May 2021, extremely cold was in Adelaide and Melbourne with new all-time cold records for autumn.

In Melbourne, only +1,7°C was measured on 30. May 2021 and in Adelaide, only +3,5°C on 31. May 2021, what is new temperature records for May and autumn period in southern and southeastern parts of Australia.

In Cooma, New South Wales, only -8,2°C and in Canberra, Australian capital, only -6,3°C was on 31. May 2021 measured.

In South Australia, only a few days before an extreme coldwave, powerful dust storm appeared in late May 2021 (

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, extreme floods have appeared /; and in mountains 5 meters of fresh snow has fallen during the excessive precipitation event in Cantenbury region, Southern Island.

The next powerful coldwave, with temperatures in southern parts of Australia rarely below -10°C is forecasted already around 8. June 2021.

Colder and more rainy/stormy Winter 2021 is across the continent more probable thanks to La nina /;

Drought should during the following months persist mainly in continental and northern parts of Australia, with regional wildfires mainly in Northern Territory during Winter 2021.

Illustration photo: Sydney Opera House, Sydney – Reservar bilhetes para passeios e atividades (

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