Warnings for FRI-SAT-SUN 14.-16. August 2020


  • mix heatwave and storms over Europe, gradually shift of the strongest storm activity from Central Europe above Balkan
  • eastren parts of Europe coldwave
  • Scandinivia – south warm, north cold with rain and wind
  • Iberia without heatwaves after long time
  • Iceland wind or rain
  • British Isles only storms without heatwave warnings
  • Turkey, Caucasian region colder, with wind/storms


  • end of big heatwave with severe storms and possible derechos across eastern half of US/Canada
  • powerful heatwave with fires in Southwest and later South
  • cold, regionally windy, rainy west and central Canada and NW-N US
  • Nunaut firstly warm with storms, then rain, cold and wind
  • Quebec gradually with heatwaves and wind
  • NW Canada rain, NU, MB, ON storms and cooling down
  • Alaska gradually warm, on SAT with storms


  • Strong late summer monsoon in South and SE Asia
  • Indonesia warm rising up storm activity
  • Southern/NE China storms, northern half heatwaves
  • Japan north – storms, south – hot
  • Mongolia heatwave
  • Pakistan heatwave
  • Iran, Afganistan heatwave and wind
  • Oman, Yemen storms/wind
  • Middle East windy
  • South Africa, Namibia wind
  • From Namibia to Tanzania heatwave
  • E Africa wind
  • West Africa severe storms, Sahel and equatorial Africa slight or moderate storms
  • slight storms in Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco
  • wind in Lybia and Egypt coast
  • Mexico heatwave and storm activity in SW
  • Central America and Caribbean moderate to severe storms
  • Colombia severe storms
  • Peru, Equador heatwaves + storms
  • Brasil heatwave, north and south storms – south severe
  • Argentina, Chile, Uruguay coldwave, wind (Bolivia wind too), south snow/rain
  • E Australia severe storms
  • New Zealand with slight coldwave
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