Windstorm Alex: The costliest European catastrophe in 2020, 15 dead, 21 missing

A results of extreme strong Windstorm Alex are becoming to be known one week after a catastrophe – updated death tools say about 15 dead and 21 missing (together 37 possible victims) /

Windstorm has brought according to preliminary statistics the worst natural disaster in Europe in 2020 with an overall damages above 3 billions of dollars (1.75 billions in France and 1.2 billions in Italy) /

From Wednesday to Friday, storm still has bringing severe wind gusts over parts of Europe (Cap Corse in Corsica 166 km/h, Cap Sargo in Corsica 146 km/h, Makarska in Croatia 122 km/h). Very strong was cold front in front of the system, which has brought last 48 hours wind gusts in Ankara, Turkey up to 100 km/h, and in Kutaisi, Georgia up to 101 km/h.

A big photogallery of the Windstorm Alex you can find on and video documentation on

From Sunday to Monday, next robust cyclonic system will send over Ligurian sea cold front and westward from Italy, next possible medicane should arise. It brings a lot of rain, strong winds and next possible floods to Italy and Balkan early next week /

On Friday, a powerful coldwave has started in Europe /, which will persisting above continent up to mid-October 2020.

Damages after Windstorm Alex, more pictures in photogallery:

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