Zamoście -21,0°C, Lublin ground frosts -26,0°C and Bialystok 43 cm of snow: 2nd peak in Poland

In Poland, the second peak on 1. February 2021 has brought 8,7°C higher known absolute national temperature minimum such as the first peak on 19. January 2021 /

The coldest times were reported from Slovakia (-22,6°C, Oravská Polhora) / and Czechia (-27,8°C, Jizerka) /

In Zamoście was measured freezing -21,0°C on Monday, 1. February and in Lublin, ground temperature dropped to -26,0°C.

Moreover, parts of Poland report still very high snow cover, e.g. Bialystok in northeast 43 cm, what is a supporting factor for declining of temperatures during clear nights.

Forecasts of GFS from 1. February 2021 12Z hold still extremely strong and mainly long coldwave for Poland between 5.-14. February (10 days in a row!).

During this period, frosts below -20°C will be possible again, during the peak of this, third peak of Winter 2020/2021, possibly below -25°C, with 1/3 chances for -30°C, still.

Outputs should every moment change and winter should be stronger, therefore stay watch the situation with Mkweather, soon we´ll bring temperarure maps of GFS for parts of Europe.

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Author: marekkucera
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