112 dead in the Mumbai region (Maharasthra), 20 in Pakistan, and over 10 inches / 260 mm in 24 hours in Mumbai

Powerful monsoon rains hit in the last period in northern India, western Indian coast, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, and northern Pakistan.

In Maharasthra (with capital Mumbai), 112 dead are reported after severe floods and landslides, and the next 20 people dead near flash floods in Pakistan in the last days. Dozens of people are still missing.

In Mumbai fell at previous weekend over 10 inches (260 mm) of rain only in 24 hours and metropolitan city ended completely flooded. Some houses in the city collapsed what caused at least 33 dead.

In Maharasthra, from 1. July to 22. July 2021 fell in Ratnagiri 1781 mm (77.1 inches) of rain, the highest July rainfall in 40 years.

According to current forecasts, the next heavy rainfall, regionally over 1000 mm / 2 weeks are forecasted for parts of northern India, Kerala coast, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and storms will be continuing in northern Pakistan, too.

Not so far we informed about the very bad situation in Nepal and neighboring parts of India /https://mkweather.com/catastrophic-floods-in-nepals-biggest-river-and-in-neighboring-bihar-province-india//, too – the situation should be worsening in the Himalayas, too.

Severe floods are reported from China, too and Olympic Games in Tokyo should be hit by powerful Typhoon Nepartak around Tuesday, 27. July 2021.

Source: wxcharts.com
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