12 dead after mudslides in Tajikistan

The next 12 dead is reported from Central Asia thanks to heavy rains, floods, and mudslides.

Only before a few days we informed about 15 dead after mudslides in the border region of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan /https://mkweather.com/15-dead-after-mudslides-in-uzbekistan-and-kyrgyzstan//.

Before a few days, 12 fatalities were reported from the next Central-Asian country, Tajikistan.

Severe floods hit the country around 19. July 2021.

Among the hit regions were mainly Panjakent District and Ayani, Devashtic, and Mastchoh districts.

Such we mentioned in a previous article from Central Asia – western parts of the region are experiencing extremely hot Summer 2021, while eastern parts are more stormy and colder.

From the Caucasian region, the next heatwave with subsequent storms is shifting above the region /https://mkweather.com/tbilisi-georgia-with-all-time-record-406c-russia-437c-14c-below-all-time-record-and-ne-turkey-again-with-floods//.

In Saragt, Turkmenistan, the maximum temperature on Saturday, 24. July reached +44,7°C, which is only 3,5°C below 2021´s record from central Asia from this city before a few weeks /https://mkweather.com/not-only-sahara-central-asia-extremely-hot-turkmenistan-482c-iran-513c-continental-china-50c-soon//, European Kazakhstan however is reporting a cooldown and cold front.

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