Bolivia and Peru under the snow, snowing appeared in metropolitan areas, too

Remnants of extremely cold air masses from coldwave, which hit Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and northern Argentina / shifted in the last days northward, above Bolivia and Peru.

In both countries, rarely snowfall appeared in metropolitan areas and temperatures dropped since the end of July 2021 very low e.g. in La Paz, Bolivia, -4,9°C, Potosi, Bolivia, -4,7°C, Oruro, Bolivia, -5,0°C, Tarija, Bolivia, -1,4°C or Tarma, Peru, +1,2°C, Puno, Peru, +1,2°C, Calca, Peru, +2,5°C or San, Peru, +3,1°C.

Temperatures below +3°C – ideal conditions for ground frosts or snow accumulations dropped below elevations 2000 MASL in Bolivian and Peruvian Andes, while some metropolitan areas are located above 3000 MASL.

Cooldown arrived in Ecuador, too – in Rumipamba, only +1,2°C and in San Gabriel, +2,2°C was measured.

Heavy snowfall was reported mainly from the Potosi region, Bolivia, and the Arequipa region, Peru.

In the more northern city, Arequipa, Peru at 2335 MASL, extreme temperatures in July are moving from an all-time record -3,7°C to +28,0°C, monthly temperature records for August have values -0,2°C and +26,8°C. Potosi in Bolivia is colder and elevated above 4000 MASL.

Meanwhile, parts of Argentina and Chile are reporting a powerful heatwave – in Villa Reynolds, Argentina, only at the end of July had -7,7°C, on 5. August temperature reached summer +28,8°C. In Vicuna, north-central Chile temperatures reversely reached on 1. August +31,9°C and already on 3. August dropped shortly to +2,7°C.

Heatwave from Patagonia will be shifting northward and northeastward in the next period, with a short heatwave in northern Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, southern Brazil, Bolivia nd Peru.

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Author: marekkucera
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