Snow in Brazil hit larger areas than usual, Sao Paulo the 2nd coldest temperature in 20 years (+4,3°C)!

Some people in Brazil saw the snow for the first time in their lives

The next extreme coldwave hit at the end of July 2021 in South America, with anomalous temperatures in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, or Bolivia. 

The worst winter conditions were reported from Brazil, where surprisingly, heavy snowing hit around 40 big municipalities in southern parts of the country.

So widespread occurrence of snow cover in Brazil is very rarely.

In Urubici, Santa Catarina region (1810 MASL), the minimum temperature on 29. July dropped to -8,5°C, only 5,5°C from the all-time cold Brazilian national record. 

On 30. July, Gen. Carneiro (1018 MASL) reported only -7,2°C.

Antarctic winter appeared untraditionally in Sao Paulo with a tropical climate, where only +4,3°C / 39°F was measured. It´s the second-lowest temperature in the city in the last 20 years!

In Argentina, temperatures dropped up to -12°C, in Paraguay and Uruguay up to -3°C at well-known stations, but official records of the coldwave should be in all countries, including Brazil, even lower, in Brazil maybe under -10°C. 

Coldwave is forecasted to persist on the SE coast of Brazil until 3. August, then, between 3.-5. August 2021, Patagonia (Chile and Argentina) will be hit by an anomalous heatwave, maybe with summer days in some stations in moderate climate zone. 

While in South America and South Africa, so extreme coldwaves such as in the last period, are not already expected during the rest of Winter 2021 (until the end of August), the southern half of Australia should be hit by the next severe coldwaves with frosts or snow. 

South Africa and South America are probably after a peak of Winter 2021 now and Summer 2021 in Europe is forecasted to have a longer break, in some Central-European countries maybe until 20. August 2021.

The next dramatic changes are in the next months across both hemispheres forecasted, including strengthening of La Nina and colder and wetter conditions in Southern Hemisphere, and powerful Hurricane season 2021, with colder NAO- / AO- Autumn in Northern Hemisphere. 




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