Floods in Auckland region, New Zealand: 201 mm – the highest rainfall amounts since 1943!

Spring 2021 has started in New Zealand with heavy rains and floods. After warm Winter 2021, with weaker Antarctic blasts, severe floods hit the Auckland region already in the first September 2021 days.

In the West Auckland region, rainfall totals up to 201 mm were observed, which is the highest rainfall in the regions since 1943.

In Auckland, 90 mm of rain fell only in 1 hour on 31. August 2021, with subsequent floods in the metropolitan area.

The region was completely flooded, such we should notice within Tweets below, in some parts with floodwater 1 – 1,5 meters high.

The next few days will be in New Zealand very warm, but gradually, cyclonic activity and Antarctic cooldown are prepared.

While on Friday and Saturday, 3.-4. September 2021, above +20°C temperatures are in Southern Island forecasted, gradually will come persisting rain with total precipitation amounts along the western coast of Southern Island up to 500 mm until 18. September 2021.

The Antarctic cold blast is forecasted mainly between 7.-11. September, therefore in the mountains and shortly in lower elevated regions, snow will appear.

Therefore, floods in New Zealand should come back soon, but only to other regions.

Spring 2021 will be according to seasonal forecasts in New Zealand very warm, while Australia is waiting for thanks to La Nina cold and stromy conditions /https://mkweather.com/spring-2021-forecast-for-australia-and-oceania-under-la-nina-rules-cold-and-stormy-australia-warm-new-zealand-and-various-patterns-in-oceania//.

Source: wxcharts.com

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