The weakest summer in Paris, France, in 21. century? The hottest day of the year with only +33,3°C!

Only in August 2021, we were informed about anomalous conditions in France during Spring and Summer 2021 and their effect on harvest, mainly vineyards /

While Spring 2021 brought extreme late-season frosts, with widespread damaging of harvest /, Summer 2021 brought heavy rains, floods, and tornadoes in the region /e.g. /;, together with a very bad impression of summer character of weather on inhabitants and tourists.

Immediately after the end of Summer 2021, Météo France published on its Twitter interesting information – maximum Summer 2021 temperature in Paris reached only +33,3°C, which is the lowest summer maximum minimally since 2000 (in 21. century!).

Very weak Summer 2021 was reported from London, too, even without a tropical day (above +30°C).

In Frankfurt, Germany, the maximum temperature in July / August 2021 reached only +30,6°C on 14. August 2021 and the situation was saved only by June´s heatwave, when +34,8°C on 18. June 2021 was measured.

Although France is already reporting temperatures up to +32°C on Thursday, 2. September 2021, and in the next days, it should be up to +35°C measured /, region of Paris will stay in a relatively colder sector, but still with a possibility of a tropical day. The last tropical heatwave of the year 2021 will gradually hit in the next days almost all continental Europe.

Meanwhile, in France, farmers should calculate the next damages on harvest, from very stormy and wet Summer 2021, after extremely cold Spring 2021. Many molds and lack of sunshine and heat should make season 2021 even worse than told before a few months the worst scenarios.

Source: Météo France
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