Hell has begun, heatwave will be the worst already in next days

Expected heatwave already has started and after the last weekend and 4 days of the current week we should summarize some interesting temperatures so far, although, the worst hell is only before us from Friday, 18. June to Wednesday, 23. June 2021.

Already in previous article /Severe storms hit Portugal and the Spain after the 2nd strongest June heatwave in southern France (+38,2°C so far) - mkweather/ we informed about measured temepratures in the Spain and France in last days, with peaks +40,5°C in the Spain and +38,2°C in France, before severe storms, which are bothering Portugal, the Spain and France after heatwaves.

Peak of heatwave was already reaches in British Islands - and it was only +29,2°C in Heathrow, London - at the weekend, powerful ex-tropical storm Bill will bring into British Islands and gradually into other parts of Europe too, strong cooldown, rain / storms and in Scotland and Ireland possibility of ground frosts, too /Ex-tropical storm Bill hits British Islands, brings storms and strong cooldown - mkweather/.

In Switzerland, +34,3°C and in Italy +35,0°C was already measured - in Switzerland it should be in next days little higher and in southern Italy, much higher temperatures, above +45°C, maybe close to +50°C, are possible soon near sirocco.

On Thursday, 17. June 2021, interesting temperatures up to +35,5°C were already measured in Muenster, or +35,1°C in Hamburg, +35,0°C in Koeln and +34,7°C in Berlin, but according to corrected forecasts, around Sunday, 20. June 2021, temperatures should reach record +38/+39°C.

Very hot was on Thursday in the Netherlands, in Hupsel +34,0°C and in Belgium, in Kleine Brogel, +32,2°C, very hot will be on Friday, 18. June, too, but this is probable the highest temperatures in main meteorological stations in Benelux.

From other countries, so far, Podgorica, Montenegro, reported +34,1°C, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, +33,7°C, Landeck, Austria, +33,2°C, Plzeň, Czechia, +33,0°C, Demir Kapija, North Macedonia, +33,0°C, Swinouscie, Poland, +32,5°C, Knin, Croatia, +32,2°C or Vester Vetsted, Denmark, +32,1°C. These temperatures however are however many degrees before an expected absolute national TOP temperatures during the heatwave.

Heatwave will be the most anomalous above Germany, where not only daily, but too all-time monthly temperature records were, and will be overcame, yet /„Sahara“-Hitzewelle in Deutschland - 40 Grad und starke Gewitter rollen an | Welt (hna.de)/.

Temperatures up to +36°C should surprise on Friday and Saturday, 18.-19: June 2021 in Sweden, where all-time temperature national record has value only +38,0°C. The next week, +36°C is possible in Finland, too, with all-time national record only +37,2°C (from 2010).

In Poland, +37°C should surprise on Saturday (on border with Germany), in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina +39°C on Monday. Hungary is waiting +37°C and Slovakia, Czechia and Austria up to +36°C. All-time national June records are moving in East-Central Europe only around +37/+38°C.

+40°C should be reach in Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria, +41°C in North Macedonia and +46°C in Italy and Greece around Wednesday, 23. June 2021.

Even hotter should be Italy and Balkan (including Greece) at the end of June, where GFS currently sees possibility of +47°C + 3°C = +50°C, what should mean a new national temperature records!

The second, June 2021 / July 2021 heatwave will be a topic of the next Mkweather article.

Source: coolwx.com
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