Hurricane Grace (Category 3) in Mexico brought 205 km/h winds and 9 killed

The strongest hurricane of the Atlantic hurricane season 2021, so far, hit in the last hours in Mexico.

Such we warned in the article before / after the Caribbean and the Yucatan hurricane hit the east coast of Mexico, where near an arrival, wind gusts were reaching 205 km/h such a Category 3 hurricane (the worst scenarios were fulfilled).

Only Hurricane Elsa in early July 2021 and Hurricane Henri (current event in the USA and Canada: appeared so far in 2021 and relatively good conditions in the Caribbean for a hurricane or tropical storm development will persist until cca 7. September 2021.

9 people are dead and 3 missing, so far.

The lowest pressure in the middle of the system reached 962 hPa.

Grace hit before Mexico Leeward Islands, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Guadeloupe, and Cuba. E.g. in Haiti, floods from around 250 mm / 10 inches of rain appeared shortly after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake.

Widespread areas of 6–12 in (150–300 mm) of rain to fall, with up to 18 in (460 mm) in were expected in Yucatan and parts of Eastern Mexico. The most hit were Yucatan and Veracruz state, with severe flooding. In Veracruz, it´s the second major hurricane landfall in Veracruz (after Karl, 2010).

Remnants of Hurricane Grace may bring flooding to central Mexico in the next hours – the system will shift westward.

Such we mentioned before, the highest chance of tropical development is now shifting to Mexico and (mainôy western) Caribbean, therefore until 7. September, the next tropical systems should appear.
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