Mexico +50,1°C (122,2°F), only 1,9°C below national record, highest temperature in September ever

Shortly before an arrival powerful cold front, with diablo winds and snowstorm in West-Central US, had peaked a tropical air advection over Southwest (US) and northwestern Mexico.

On Sunday, 6. September 2020, meteorologists in Mexicali, Baja California, maximum temperature has reached +50,1°C (122,2°F) and overcomed all historic September records for Mexico.

Temperature has stopped only 1,9°C below national record from Mexicali, 28. July 1995, +52,0°C.

At the same time, last weekend, the highest maximum temperature ever in Los Angeles County was measured, +49,4°C (121°F) /

Excessive heatwave in region preceded to significant worsening of wildfires across West coast of US during this week, thanks to Santa Ana winds / linked with snowstorm in Colorado and Wyoming /

East-Pacific hurricane season has produced two potential tropical storms / hurricanes last 48 hours (91E Invest and 92E Invest) /, but depressions will be far away from Mexican land and coast during next week.

Mexico with the new all-time September record:


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