Santa Ana, Peru: +39,5°C! Only 0,2°C below the all-time October record

A region of northern Andes report extreme heatwaves and very hot periods are forecasted in the next weeks, too /world maps here:

Anomalously hot was in the last days mainly in Peru, when 99.PERCENTILE probability of reaching extreme temperatures was exceeded. It means, that days, which appeared above the region belonged to a 1% hottest days for this season in history.

The hottest was in Santa Ana, where +39,5°C 2 days in a row was measured /updated info from watchers from South America/. This temperature is only 0,5°C below the all-time October Peruvian record.

A temperature of +41,6°C was from Peru reported, too, but this value hasn´t been finally recognized such as a new temperature record.

Very warm conditions should soon hit parts of the wider La Plata region, too /, while Amazon will be stormy and colder.

Anomalous temperatures hit/hits parts of Ecuador, Bolivia, northwestern Brazil, northern Chile, or Colombia, too.

Weather in South America in the next winter and spring will be affecting a strengthening of the La Nina pattern /

Mkweather Spring 2021 forecast for South America you should read here / and Mkweather Summer 2021/2022 forecast for continents of Southern Hemisphere and Winter 2021/2022 forecast for continents of Northern Hemisphere will be available already in the next short period on our homepage.

Source: Peruvian weather service, Tweets below
Source:, Tweet below
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