South Africa after snow with the first serious heatwave, +39,0°C near Porth Elizabeth

During the last workweek, maybe the last snowfall of the winter season appeared in South Africa. After this event, an extreme heatwave came at the weekend into South Africa or Namibia very quickly, with anomalously hot temperatures, even in the southernmost parts.

Snowing early the previous week surprised mainly provinces Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal (EC and KZN), in some regions floods were observed.

The minimum temperature in Sutherland, 1459 MASL, on 8. September 2021, dropped to -6,1°C, but the rest of the week brought gradual warming up.

Already on Saturday, 11. September 2021, the maximum temperature in Addo (inland from Port Elizabeth) reached +39,0°C (although minimum temperature reached only +11,0°C) and in Uitenhage +37,3°C /Tweet below/.

Hot +40,3°C was on 11. September 2021 measured in Okashana, Namibia, too.

Spring 2021 forecast for South Africa expects however more stormy and colder conditions in September, October and November 2021 /

The last Mkweather 6-week forecast expects some next coldwaves in South Africa until 18. October 2021 / – this forecast will be updated on our homepage soon.

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