Southern Argentina: more than 1 meter of snow, the biggest snowfall since 1990s!

Winter 2021 hit in Patagonia in full power! Already on the first winter day, 1. June 2021, Tierra del Fuego / Fireland in southern Argentina is fighting with exceptional snowfall, which reached locally more than 1 meter in Ushuaia!

According to Thierry Goose on Twitter, more than 1 m of snow have fallen in some areas of the city, although the snow depth doesn’t exceed 30 cm. Portal is saying about 50 cm of snow.

So many snow hasn´t fallen here since 1990s!

Everything is under the snow, snow calamity has effect in traffic, power outages or everyday life activities.

Severe frosts have persisted in region already since 25. May, with the coldest morning on 31. May 2021 in Rio Grande, -8,5°C. -11,5°C was however during previous May coldwave measured /

In Ushuaia, southernmost parts of Patagonia, frosts are milder, but with severe and prolonged snowstorms.

If situation will spread into northern parts of Patagonia during Winter 2021, it should come similar calamity such as in 2020, when Patagonia reported one of the worst if not worst winter after 2000 /;

Snowfall records from 1990s have already fallen at the start of winter, what should be a good signal for very cold La nina winter in the region.

This type of weather is however very unfavorable for agriculture, mainly for sheep breeding – in 2020, severe frosts and heavy snowfall was for many breeds deadly and sheep were dying under stacks of the snow and near -20°C frosts.

We will see soon, if Patagonia will experience with the next very cold winter – if you live in the region, be prepare thanks to La nina for colder conditions such as usual during the following months.
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Author: marekkucera
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