Meteorologists across Europe report the coldest spring since 1987 / 2013

It´s 1. June 2021 and the first reports about extremely / very cold Spring 2021 in Europe have appeared on Twitter.

There are a words about the coldest spring episode since many decades and the coldest spring since 1987 or 2013.

Such we have showed in last related articles /;, the highest probability for the coldest spring since 1987 is situated in the middle of Europe, mainly Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary.

Austria already reported the coldest conditions since 1987 on the last spring day. On 1. June, some regions from northeastern Italy joined.

Germany, the UK, Luxembourg and Switzerland have announced already the coldest spring since 2013 nationally, but regionally or locally it should be still the coldest since 1987, similarly such as in northeastern Italy.

We expect, that more national statistics and reports about Spring 2021 will be increase during the next days and soon, picture of Spring 2021 in Europe will be more completely.

In 2013, we had here La nina, similarly such as in 2021 /;;, what should be main factor, which is associated with cold weather around the world in last 5 months.

Simultaneously, solar cycle minimum and strong volcanic activity have appeared in last months /;

If will appear the next interesting facts about Spring 2021, we will publish it on Mkweather soon.

Illustration photo: Source MetOffice
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