The last tropical heatwave of the year in European mid-latitudes! France +35°C, Benelux, Germany, Alps and Carpathians +30°C (Hungary +35°C), the UK and Poland +28°C

In the last article, we were informed, that after an extremely cold late-summer coldwave, which brought anomalously low minimum and maximum temperatures / will arrive the next warm summer (above +25°C), regionally tropical (above +30°C) days into mid-latitudes in Europe / continental Europe /

The forecast was meantime little updated, with earlier hot days in Central Europe, such as was previously forecasted, values of maximum temperatures are however very similar, in many regions with the last possible tropical days of the summer season 2021!

In France, the temperature should rarely reach up to +35°C in the next few days, while Hungary should report similar temperatures at the end of the outlook, around 7. September 2021. In Central Europe in the first September days, however, the next ground frosts should appear in basins and valleys.

Benelux, Germany, Alpine, and Carpathian states should report the last +30°C of the year locally, in England or Poland maximum temperatures should reach summer +28°C.

In southern Scandinavia should appear the last +25°C of the year and the Mediterranean and Balkan will report again heatwaves with maximum temperatures +30/+38°C.

This period should be used for vacations, holidays, such as early-autumn works such as collecting harvest, cutting high grass or gardening, such as tourism and going to the city. Virological situation thanks to warmer weather should became better, too, temporarily, before the next Autumn 2021 cooldowns /




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Author: marekkucera
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