The next extreme heatwave for Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, LA already next weekend!

Only around 12 days after historic Canadian heatwaves is forecasted the next heat dome above the western USA and western Canada, with a result of the next severe heatwaves from California to Alaska.

Although a new all-time Canadian record from Lytton, +49,6°C will be extremely hard to break /, extremely hot weather hits again large areas in western North America, again.

This forecast agrees with CFSv2 predictions for July 2021/, which expected the next extreme heatwaves in the region.

3-digit temperatures are forecasted in the region of NW USA and SW Canada around Sunday, 11. July 2021 (Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and LA region), again and all West Coast will be bothered by severe drought. Moreover, extensive wildfires are forecasted to spread.

At the same time, the strong heatwave in parts of Ontario, Northern Plains, and parts of the Canadian Prairies is forecasted, too.

During the peak of the last heatwave, British Columbia has reported 486 sudden deaths, three times more than usual for this time of year.

Only at the weekend, 3.-4. July 2021, after a severe heatwave in British Columbia, 240 wildfires are burning across the province. All Lytton, a little town, where +49,6°C was at the end of June 2021 measured, was destroyed /

A previous heatwave has shifted above Alberta and Saskatchewan in the last days - in Alberta was overcame the all-time June record (a new value +42,0°C from Simonette) and the June record was broken in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, too, +40,5°C. Extremely hot was too in Northwestern Territory or Manitoba /;

It appears, that Summer 2021 in the USA and Canada hasn´t said the last word, yet and the next extreme heatwaves hit parts of the USA, Canada, but other continents, too.

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