The UK: Red warnings before snow the first time in history, the coldest days minimally since 2012, interval -15/-20°C expected to reach

Meteorologists and media in the UK have become crazy, after they during last days have watched anomalous SSW (Sudden Stratospheric Warming) live, moreover, with extreme weather warnings before snow and frosts, with one of the coldest forecasts for upcoming period in 3rd millennium!

During the first days of 2021, the first time in history were valid Met Office “code red” warnings before extreme snowfall /, which has occurred almost across the whole territory of the UK last days.

Moreover, frosts, which will stop in the interval -15/-20°C are expected / in the Scottish basins and valleys.

According meteorologists, current coldwave will be the worst minimally since “Beast from the East” in 2012 (with possibility of overcome of temperature -15,6°C from Holbeach, Lincolnshir). In 2010, during extremely strong negative phase of AO and NAO, -22,3°C was measured in Altnaharra, Scotland.

Some forecasters predict, that this winter should be the coldest in the UK in history / Reasons of this extreme weather behavior we explained not so long ago /;

According to forecasts, a peak of the Winter 2020/2021 will come in the UK and Ireland already during next week – until 11. January 2021. Then (with cca a week delay) extreme Siberian blast in continental parts of Europe is expected (with -30°C forecasted) /;; In Scandinavia and European Russia, still frosts -40/-50°C are forecasted.

Illustration photo: (temperature in 850 hPa anomaly and snow cover in British Islands during ongoing coldwave)
Current situation on 5. January 2021 /
Siberian high over British Islands on 5. January 2021 – output
Expected snowfall in Europe until 20. January 2021 – next snow is expected in British Islands, too /
Expected windchill temperatures on Tuesday, 5. January 2021 – and it will be only worse Source:
Real temperatures in basins and valleys with snow cover should be around 6-10°C lower than averaged temperatures on GFS maps /
T850 hPa anomaly above westernmost parts of Europe on 7. January 2021 /

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