TRENDING: Monster waterspout hit coast in Libya

Since 20. November have appeared above Mediterranean several Mediterranean storms, which have brought significant worsening of weather in the region.

During last workweek, Mkweather brought Mediterranean storms series articles from Cyprus, Israel, Italy and Iberia /;;;

These storms are shifting in classical west-eastward circulation scheme above Middle East, where they are causing next additional rains and floods /;;

In Zuwara, Libya one from these Mediterranean storms brought a monster waterspout on Wednesday, 25. November 2020.

On the video we should see really huge and wide waterspout, which should be for someone scarry.

Not only Mediterranean storms, but too an expected tropical storm / hurricane Lambda should hit northern Africa during next days - it aims towards Canary Islands and Western Sahara at the weekend /

Above Mediterranean, next, minimally 3 Mediterranean storms are in the same time expected in current outlook until 15. December 2020, with next possible floods and severe storms.

Extreme floods in Italy /current weekend´s event/ will be a topic of one of the next articles.

Infographics: Sky News

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