+48,6°C in Marrakech, Morocco! The highest August temperature in the country ever!

We are continuing in a series of extreme weather events from Northern Africa and the Mediterranean.

While in Turkey, the all-time record, +49,1°C was before a few weeks measured /https://mkweather.com/all-time-record-in-turkey-491c-the-heatwave-is-deadly//, in Greece maximum temperatures stopped only 0,9°C below all-time record (+47,1°C) /https://mkweather.com/greece-471c-only-09c-below-european-record-north-macedonia-441c-bulgaria-425c-and-tirana-albania-422c-all-time-record-while-wildfires-are-raging-across-all-mediterranean// and in Italy, a new European record was measured (+48,8°C) /https://mkweather.com/siracusa-italy-488c-european-all-time-temperature-record-was-broken//, on Friday, 13. August was extremely hot in Morocco and Spain, too – in Spain according to SIAR database up to +47,2°C /more here: https://twitter.com/extremetemps/.

Meanwhile, in Tunisia and Algeria, heatwave brought all-time temperature records (too – Tunisia, +50,3°C) and deadly wildfires /https://mkweather.com/natural-disaster-in-algeria-69-dead-after-disastrous-wildfires-due-to-50c-heatwaves/; https://mkweather.com/tunisia-503c-the-highest-temperature-in-the-country-in-modern-history/; https://mkweather.com/tunisia-with-all-time-record-before-a-mega-european-heatwave-jendouba-490c-kebili-485c-algeria-up-to-489c-last-days//.

According to the newest information, extremely hot was on Friday, 13. August in Morocco, too – in Marrakech, +48,6°C was measured, which is the highest temperature in the country in August ever.

Fes, Morocco reported +46,7°C and Miliana, Algeria +46,8°C – new all-time records.

Meantime, Algeria has risen death toll due to wildfires above 70 and extreme wildfires are threatening all Mediterranean.

Weekend´s maximum temperatures from Spain (or Portugal and France) will be a topic of one of the next Mkweather articles, after reaching maximum temperatures in the region. Breaking of all-time temperature record +47,3°C in Spain is possible.

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