Paraguay and Bolivia with all-time cold records (-7,4°C / the first frosts in history ever) and a 3-day period with snowing in southern Brazil

According to the newest information from the region, an Antarctic blast is historic, with record strong frosts and long period with snowing in some regions.

Already in 2 last articles, we have informed about extreme winter coldwave in South America, associated even with tropical storm Raoni /;

Now, we should look at the newest stories from the region.

In Paraguay, -7,4°C was measured in Pozo Hondo. It´s the lowest temperature measured in June in Paraguay. The temperature in Nueva Asuncion reached only -5,4°C what is a new all-time record for the station (colder than in July 1975). In Base Aerea Jara, -2,8°C was measured, which is less than in June 1996.

Meanwhile, in Bolivia, occurred stations with the first measured frost ever. E.g. in San Jose de Chiquitos, -1,0°C was measured, which is less than in May 1949 and the first frost in the station ever. In Ascension de Guarayos, +1,2°C and old all-time record +4,0°C from August 1985 was broken.

Southern Brazil, the Santa Catarina region, reported moreover 3 consecutive days with snowing and snow has appeared in some regions for the first time in a long time. In Urubici, -7,5°C was on 29. June 2021 measured.

Many crops, which were bothered by severe drought in previous months /;, were destroyed by severe frosts in the region, and agricultural disaster was even more worsened.

Between 3.-6. July, Patagonia hits an unusual winter heatwave. Very warm air will gradually shift above northern Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Bolivia.

The next coldwave is forecasted in Argentina and Chile between 10.-15. July 2021, but northern regions of South America won´t be hit.

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