Parts of Texas and New Mexico report the coldest February in history

Extreme coldwave, which was persisting over Texas and southern parts of the USA mainly during the second decade of February 2021 caused, that all month February ended in parts of Texas and New Mexico such as the coldest February in all-time history!

The strongest was winter around 15. February, when temperatures almost -30°C (-20°F) were recorded /, what almost broke all-time temperature state record.

This coldwave was the strongest in Permian basin, Texas / New Mexico, where the coldest anomalies were reached.

Problems with frozen pipelines therefore weren´t any coincidence and infrastructure probably hasn´t been for severe frosts such in Winter 2020/2021 prepared.

Anomaly was extremely low despite of series of very warm days in the third February decade.

According to Mkweather Spring 2021 forecast /, explosive tornado season is expected in Midwest and Texas will be a region, which will be on border of Arctic cold blasts and hot advections from the south, therefore, after extreme Winter 2020/2021, extreme Spring 2021 is soon possible.

Summer appears hot, but not with La nina, only neutral ENSO, already and autumn should bring less hurricanes thanks to El nino.

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Author: marekkucera
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