Siberian blast in Europe around 20. September! Temperatures in valleys should drop up to -5°C!

Such we mentioned in the previous Mkweather article /, between predicted summer periods in Europe around 12.-16. and 22.-26. September 2021, the severe cold blast hits Europe already around 20. September 2021!

From Iberia, above Italy and Balkan will be between 18.-21. September shifting deep pressure system with a severe cooldown, rain, and storms, and northward from this system, Siberian air will find a way into continental parts of Europe, with freezing times in colder basins and valleys.

Not only minimum temperatures up to -5°C in Alpine and Carpathian valleys and some frosts in lower situated basins and valleys in Dinaric Mountains but too very cold maximum temperatures only +8/+14°C even near sunny weather (!), with a possibility of fogs or low cloudiness is thanks to Siberian high possible.

Temperature anomalies above parts of the eastern half of Europe should be during this period below -12°C from all-time averages. In the Alps or Carpathians, snowing should appear in mountainous resorts before the arrival of high pressure.

The temperature in 850 hPa during the coldest night should drop to 0/-5°C in East-Central Europe, parts of Balkan, Eastern Europe, and Baltic countries, in northeastern Belarus, maybe even lower.

Not only basins and valleys, but lowlands should be threatened by widespread ground frosts, too – the first serious ground frosts in many warm regions in Winter season 2021/2022.

The next severe cooldowns with frosts or the first snowing below 1000 MASL should appear in October 2021, including its first half /

Cold weather above the continent should be linked with a worsening of virological situation /, but both tropical periods before and after coldwave should be used for late-season vacations in the Mediterranean if it will be good-planned.

According to the newest estimates, Autumn 2021 and Spring 2022 should surprise Europe by many early or late cold blasts with frosts or snowing, while in Winter 2021/2022 we should observe a temporarily warmer period, mainly in Western and Central Europe, while eastern parts should be very freezing, with some surprises on the west, too. This prediction is associated with the Warm Blob anomaly above NE Pacific, which should bring NAO+ around January or February according to the last predictions. December, or March 2021 however, currently appear quite cold. Winter 2021/2022 forecast will be updated at the end of September, October, and November 2021, following the latest monthly updates. The last outlook is available here /



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