Snowicane in Greenland! Ex-hurricane Larry brings 1,5 meters / 5 feet of snow in southeastern Greenland!

The first forecasts from early September 2021 were telling, that ex-hurricane Larry hits British Islands, where should bring severe storms, winds, or floods.

Forecasts during the current week shifted the projected stormtrack of remnants of a major Hurricane Larry above southeastern Greenland and Iceland, with significant impact in the region and the first winter-season blizzard.

Firstly, Larry hit Newfoundland, Canada, such a Category 1 hurricane, with maximum wind gusts up to an unbelievable 182 km/h in Cape St Mary´s, currently is system downgrading into a tropical storm, then a tropical depression, and finally, remnants of the system hits southeastern Greenland in full power!

According to estimates, along the southeastern coast of Greenland, 3-5 inches / 100 – 150 cm of snow should fall during the next days from the event.

Thanks to the enormous amount of snowfall, which bring remnants of the system to Greenland, ex-hurricane Larry got an eloquent name: “a snowicane”!

After a transition of the system above the Arctic, severe coldwaves will appear in western Greenland, which should persist above the region next 2 weeks.

Meanwhile, Europe is preparing for a severe cold blast around 20. September, which later will shift above Central Asia, Middle East, and northeastern Africa / In the same period, coldwave hits western Canada and western USA /

In North-American parts of the Arctic, very / extremely cold Winter 2021/2022 conditions are forecasted /

Illustration photo from video in Tweet below
Source: NOAA
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