Supercell storms with golf-ball-size hail, tornadoes, and 100km/h+ winds hit Saskatchewan (Regina, Assiniboia regions)

Central Canada hit on Tuesday, 31. August untraditionally severe storms, with large hail, tornadoes, and gusting winds.

Supercell thunderstorms with strong directional wind shear to support rotating updrafts together with high cumulonimbus clouds brought unseasonably bad storm conditions into larger areas of Central Canada, mainly Saskatchewan, parts of Alberta, and Northern Plains, the USA.

The worst situation was in Regina and Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, where golf ball-sized hailstorms were reported, some tornadoes appeared and wind gusts reached more than 100 km/h.

Some parts of central Saskatchewan were after severe storms flooded.

In Regina, 93 km/h winds were observed.

The ground was quickly covered by white hail cover, trees were uprooted, cars and property were damaged.

Autumn 2021 forecast for Canada expects cold and rainy, gradually snowy western parts, while long Indian summer in central, and firstly eastern parts of Canada, too /

Winter 2021/2022 will be in Canada extremely cold, mainly thanks to NE Pacific Blob anomaly, associated with PNA- and La nina /

The last severe summer storms should appear in southern Canada in the next weeks.

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