The driest city in the world hit severe hailstorms, escaping poisonous scorpions caused 3 dead and 500 hospitalized

During the first November decade, Aswan reported heatwaves, with maximum temperatures +34/+38°C, but in the last days, thanks to lower pressure above the region and a surprising frontal boundary, maximum temperatures have dropped below tropical +30°C.

For a reason of this decline in temperatures, we should contribute a cold front, which was moving above the region around 13.-14. November 2021, which brought a surprising heavy rainfall and severe storms into the driest region in the world – Aswan in Egypt.

According to weather reports, daily averages of relative humidity during these days increased from values between 15 – 30% to 60 – 65% and after a transition of a cold front, it dropped only to 45 – 50%.

Although a precipitation amount isn´t known, there was reported floodwater after the storm looking like a multicell storm.

This floodwater immediately caused, that poisonous scorpions from Egyptian deserts started to escape before the water, in many cases, they were moving into inhabitant areas and houses, with a result of unexpected hospitalizations.

500 stang people ended in hospitals and 3, unfortunately, died after a very rare meteorological event.

The cold front is coming after strong Mediterranean lows activity / and the first snowing of the year in lower situated parts of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia in Atlas, below 1000 MASL /

In the next period, the next negative NAO and AO phases are forecasted, maybe until New Year 2022, therefore storm activity in all Mediterranean will be increased /

During strong AO- and NAO- phases, very rare snow or frosts in Egypt should appear during peaks of winter, therefore it will be interesting to watch the situation in the region, yet.

Illustration picture: Meteosat11, MetroUK Twitter, Mada Masr Twitter
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