The first snow in Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia!

About extreme weather in North Africa, we were informed in many previous articles – in the last 2 weeks, the region was hit by medicine and floods, extreme heatwaves, and the latest, by an extreme Arctic blast with frosts and snowing below 1000 MASL /;;;;

Already basins and valleys in Atlas elevated below 1000 MASL, reported in the last days frosts or the first snowing.

On Thursday, 11. November 2021, -1,0°C was measured in Naama, Algeria, only 1166 MASL.

On Wednesday, 10. November, 0,0°C was reported from Agadir, Morocco, only 74 MASL!

In Kasserine, Tunisia, 707 MASL, only +2,4°C was measured on 7. November 2021.

In Ghadames, Libya, 346 MASL, +8,0°C was on 11. November 2021 measured.

In previous days, -0,7°C was measured in Morocco and +0,2°C in Algeria (link above) in lower situated areas.

Heavy snowfall was reported e.g. from the Tlemcen region, Algeria, only around 800 MASL (Youtube video below).

A collection of videos from Morocco and Algeria with a current snowfall we have placed into materials below.

Snow forecasts for Morocco, Algeria and even, Tunisia are very favorable and according to tropicaltidbits forecast tool, the next heavy snowfall in Atlas, including lower situated, populated parts, is expected.

Snow should appear in the next 16 days even in southern, Saharan districts of countries – in the case of anomalous snowfall in the region or snowing in Sahara we will bring fresh news already until the end of this month.

Winter 2021/2022 forecasts are available here:;

Illustration picture: Source Youtube (below)
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