Tunisia +47,9°C, only 0,4°C below all-time June record!

Only before a short time we informed about deadly heatwaves in Algeria and Italy /+52,4°C in Algeria! The first official European +50°C is possible! – mkweather; Italy: After 2 days with +45°C, real hell is coming! Heatwaves in Italy are stronger such as in 2003! – mkweather; Hell is coming! Catenanuova, Italy: +45,1°C, Palermo +43,5°C – only 0,5°C below 2007 heatwave, the hottest will be on Wednesday and Thursday, close to +50°C! – mkweather/, but anomalous heatwave hit Tunisia, too.

In Tozeur, +47,8°C was on Monday, 21. June measured, what is only 0,5°C below all-time June record from Mahida in 2003.

Day before, on 20. June 2021, in Kebili, +46,4°C was measured.

On Tuesday, 22. June 2021, however, even hotter temperatures from the region were reported – in Tozeur, +47,9°C and in Kebili +47,8°C was measured (0,4°C below all-time June record for Tunisia).

Extremely hot night occurred in Remada, with minimum temperature from Tuesday to Wednesday, 22.-23. June +35,6°C.

In Algeria, Hassi Messaoud, +48,3°C was on Tuesday measured and minimum temperature +36,0°C in Amguid and Reggane from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Extremely hot air mass is currently shifting above Italy, Greece, Balkan and SE Central Europe with expected abnormally hot weather, near to all-time temperature records /more on our homepage/.

In Sicily, Caltagirone, +40°C is reported already at 8:30 (Wednesday, 23. June) in the morning and it appears that on Wednesday should tempratures reach around +46, maybe +47°C. Thursday is forecasted to be even hotter. /SIAS – Precipitazioni in tempo reale ultima ora (regione.sicilia.it)/

All is in accordance with Summer (Winter) 2021 forecast for Africa, which expects hot summer above Sahara (and similar forecasts for continents in our slidebar /on the right on our page/ Middle, East, Central Asia and southern and eastern Europe) /Summer (and Winter) 2021 forecast for Africa: Hot Sahara, floods in Sahel, drought in Congo and East Africa – mkweather/.

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Author: marekkucera
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