Glenbeigh, Ireland +28,6°C – the hottest September day since 1906! Gogerddan, Wales +30,7°C, Northolt, England +30,1°C!

After extreme heatwaves in northwestern Africa (all-time September record in Algeria, +48,2°C and almost all-time September record in Morocco, +44,5°C) /;, Spain and France /will be updated, yet – and before the peak of September heatwave in continental Europe /, extremely hot days hit the UK and Ireland, with a peak on 7. September 2021!

In Glenbeigh, southwestern Ireland, +28,6°C was measured, which is the highest maximum temperature in September in the country in the last 115 years (since 1906)!

Tropical +30,0°C was overcome in Wales and England – in Gogerddan, Wales, anomalous +30,7°C was on 7. September measured, while Northolt in England reported tropical +30,1°C.

Summer, on Wednesday, 8. September may be again tropical weather is forecasted to persist in parts of the British Islands, mainly in the UK, until Friday, 10. September 2021. Then, coldwave is prepared, but already the next Wednesday, 15. September 2021, summer days should shortly return – mainly in England.

While in British Islands, tropical +30°C was broken in the month of September only the 7th time in the last 50 years, France and Spain report extremely hot +40°C in the hottest parts under both sides of the Pyrenees.

Tropical days are gradually forecasted in continental Europe, too, such a pressure high will be shifting eastward until the weekend.

In the net week, summer advection should regenerate, but after 20. September, powerful cooldown is still possible /forecast will be updated soon –

A Hurricane Larry will be shifting above the Atlantic possibly along northern stormtrack, such was forecasted, without significant threats in British Islands, but with possible severe storms in Iceland.

Sources: Met Éireann, Met Office
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