Nouasseur, Morocco: +44,5°C, only 0,7°C below all-time national September temperature record!

Only before a few days, we were informed about record high temperatures in Algeria and Egypt, where all-time September records were broken (+48,2°C resp. +47,7°C) /

On Sunday, 5. September 2021, extremely hot air has shifted above Morocco (and western Europe), with an additional – almost all-time September temperature record.

In Nouasseur, Morocco, +44,5°C was measured, which is only 0,7°C below the all-time national September record for the country.

In Rabat, anomalous +43,6°C, and in Kenitra, +43,2°C was measured.

Extreme heatwave is currently shifting above Europe, with new all-time September records in many parts of Spain, France, and even Ireland (the next Mkweather articles)!

In Spain and France, maximum temperatures are reaching almost +40°C, while in British Islands is up to +30°C.

In Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and the western Sahel, hot and dry Autumn 2021 is forecasted /, while Egypt and Libya will be colder, but still dry. Winter 2021 / 2022 should be in western North Africa wetter and in eastern North Africa drier /

During early Autumn 2021, the next wildfires in Northern Africa thanks to persisting heatwaves should appear, yet.

Illustration photo: Source – Tweets below
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