Unprecedented spring in Mongolia: +20,9°C

In Mongolia has never been so warm in mid-March season, such as during these days.

On Saturday, +20,9°C was measured in Manlai in Omnogovi province. Saihkan reported +20,7°C.

According to wxcharts.com forecast tool, northern China and Mongolia on Saturday, 13. March 2021 reported anomaluosly warm anticyclonic weather, with anomalies above +20°C in T850 hPa over parts of Mongolia.

However, from Kazakhstan and Central Siberia, the next severe coldwave is coming and soon inhabitansts of Mongolia, Far East and northern China will experience with extremely cold conditions and temperature shock.

It is possible, that temperature records were measured in northern China, too.

Yes, it´s extremely cold air from Europe from the first March 2021 coldwave, which brought in Finland extreme temperatures up to -38,9°C /https://mkweather.com/southern-finland-389c-the-coldest-national-minimum-temperature-in-march-since-1998//. Currently, the second March 2021 coldwave in Europe is beginning and it is possible, that until the end of March 2021, cold air will shift over parts of Asia.

Extremely hot weather from Mongolia and northern China, on the other hand, will shift above Eastern Asia, with really wonderful and clear spring conditions.

Typhoon season in the region is very far, but at all, warm spring is expected in Japan, Korea and large parts of China /https://mkweather.com/spring-2021-forecast-for-asia-2021//.

Saturday´s T850 hPa anomaly conditions above region /wxcharts.com
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