Visit of Pope Francis in Slovakia and Hungary with a tropical mid-September weather! Hungary +30,7°C, Slovakia +30,4°C, on Wednesday +34°C / +32°C possible

Little countries in Central Europe are between 12.-15. September 2021 in a center of an important event – Pope Francis chose to visit both countries and it appears, that weather is the best how it in this season in the region should be – with rare tropical days, above +30°C and therefore weaker probability of spreading of COVID-19 among crowds.

Extremely hot was all southern half of Europe, with temperatures on Sunday, 12. September 2021 in Spain up to +38°C (however with wildfires in Andalusia: and on Monday, 13. September 2021 in Italy and Balkan up to +35°C.

Tropical days hit untraditionally the Carpathian region, too, with a maximum temperature in Baja, Hungary on Saturday +30,6°C, on Sunday +30,1°C, and on Monday +30,7°C.

In Slovakia, Dudince reported on Sunday +30,1°C and on Monday +30,4°C.

And it is not all – the next 3 days – Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the region will be even hotter – Wednesday, 15. September with maximum temperature in Hungary rarely up to +34°C and in Slovakia up to +32°C, which is at the level of all-time records for this season.

It appears that mass-action in Central Europe will be successful and heavy rains, Arctic cold blasts, strong winds or damaging storms had during an event a long break.

However, already from Friday, 17. September 2021, will come a powerful cooldown, before we warned in articles before /the last one – will be updated already in the next Mkweather articles/, therefore will be prepared and stay safe and warm.

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