Wildfires in Andalusia, Spain, are already deadly, 2500 evacuated

Near massive wildfires in southern Spain, one firefighter is reported as dead at the end of the new workweek.

Spain, similarly such as Portugal, France, the UK, Ireland and Norway, and later Central Europe, Italy and Balkan hit in the last days record-breaking September heatwave /https://mkweather.com/spain-392c-france-367c-portugal-360c-heatwave-is-bringing-many-all-time-september-records-2021/; https://mkweather.com/uk-ireland-glenbeigh-ireland-286c-the-hottest-september-day-since-1906-gogerddan-wales-307c-northolt-england-301c-2021/; https://mkweather.com/the-hottest-september-day-in-scotland-in-115-years-charterhall-286c/; https://mkweather.com/drammen-berskog-norway-280c-05c-below-all-time-september-record//.

Hot air came from northwestern Africa, where +48,2°C was in early Autumn 2021 measured /https://mkweather.com/algeria-482c-egypt-477c-only-02c-01c-below-all-time-september-records-extremely-hot-will-be-until-early-next-week/; https://mkweather.com/nouasseur-morocco-445c-only-07c-below-all-time-national-september-temperature-record//.

Devastating wildfires hit mainly the town of Estepona in the Costa del Sol region, Andalusia.

Around 2500 people have been already evacuated from their homes, according to Spanish media. Together, 6 towns and villages were evacuated.

The fire has already devoured around 8000 hectares.

365 firefighters, supported by 41 aircraft and 25 vehicles, were trying to bring the fire under control according to express.co.uk.

The region is still reporting hot, tropical, or even supertropical weather (above 30°C, or +35°C) and the outlook is very hot, with only a shorter cooldown between 2 September heatwaves /https://mkweather.com/the-last-2-periods-with-summer-days-25c-in-continental-and-tropical-days-30c-in-southern-europe-until-the-end-of-september-2021//.

WIldfires, therefore, should appear in the next weeks, again and 6-week forecast until 18. October is too above temperature average for all regions of western and southwestern Europe /https://mkweather.com/ecmwf-6-week-forecast-until-18-10-2021-europe-north-america-world//.

Illustration photo: Sources Tweets below
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