-15°C frosts and the first snow! Extremely cold outputs for Europe are confirming!

Outputs of GFS (the main runs from 12Z or 18Z), already 3 days in a row expected extremely winter for continental Europe and Balkan, with frosts in valleys up to -15°C /https://mkweather.com/winter-is-coming-an-extreme-arctic-blast-for-europe-temperatures-in-central-parts-and-balkan-should-reach-15c// and the first snowfall /https://mkweather.com/the-first-snow-in-europe-several-runs-of-gfs-are-extremely-cold//.

The newest outputs added forecasted extreme frosts close to -30°C in Scandinavia /https://mkweather.com/extreme-frosts-close-to-30c-in-scandinavia-are-forecasted// and extremely cold conditions shifted above almost all Europe – including traditionally warmer western parts.

According to outputs from 8. October 18Z, extreme winter conditions hit in full power countries such as France and Germany and maybe the UK, too, with snowfall approximately across 1/2 of the territory of Germany, many regions in Central Europe and Balkan, and even stronger frosts in valleys.

While in lowlands, frosts below -5°C will be possible and in basins below -10°C should appear, the coldest valleys should according to the newest outputs attack extremely low -15°C, only a few days later, such as was forecasted before a few days.

The first ice days, with maximum temperatures below 0°C, in Scandinavia the first Arctic days, with maximum temperatures below -10°C will be regionally possible.

Blizzard in the mountains and anomalously low windchill (real-feel temperatures) is still predicted and works on fields with harvest will be temporarily interrupted.

Coldwave should produce a worsening of virological situation and situation on roads should dramatically worsen, too.

After an extreme October cold blast, a long, almost a month-lasting Indian summer-like weather across Northern Hemisphere is forecasted approximately between 30. October – 25. November 2021, with peak in the first 2 November weeks /https://mkweather.com/20c-in-northern-25c-in-southern-mid-latitudes-in-november-2021-untraditionally-late-indian-summer-for-northern-hemisphere-is-confirming//.

After the last summer-like weather pattern of the year 2021, legendary cold December and early January 2021/2022 will be in the game according to seasonal forecasts /https://mkweather.com/winter-2021-2022-forecast-a-peak-near-nao-already-in-december-ne-pacific-warm-blob-nao-and-early-spring-in-february-north-america-oppositely-warm-start-cold-end-of-winter/; https://mkweather.com/russian-meteorologists-expect-extreme-winter-around-december-january-2021-22//.

Anomalous minimum temperatures on 24. October 2021, in valleys up to -15°C /wetterzentrale.de
Expected snowfall until 25. October 2021 /tropicaltidbits.com

Source: wetterzentrale.de

Source: tropicaltidbits.com
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