Agadir, +49,1°C: All-time August record for Morocco broken!

In one of the last articles, we warned, that the GFS model returned for Agadir, Morocco anomalous +51°C.

Although the worst scenarios haven´t been fulfilled, Agadir was really abnormally hot, on Monday, 16. August 2021, anomalous +49,1°C.

This temperature represents a new national August temperature record for Morocco and the current heatwave should be considered such as the peak of Summer 2021.

Not in Algeria and Tunisia, but already in Morocco, new wildfires started to burn after record temperatures flooded the country.

Moreover, extreme heatwaves are forecasted in northern Africa minimally until September 2021 and above Saharan states, the next temperature records are possible.

In the last period, we informed the above situation in Algeria and Tunisia, too /;;;

Extremely hot air from the region in the last days shifted above Spain or Italy, where all-time national and European records were broken /;;

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Author: marekkucera
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