Montoro, Spain: +47,4°C! All-time national record! Madrid the hottest day in history, +42,7°C!

While in Turkey, the all-time record, +49,1°C was before a few weeks measured /, in Greece maximum temperatures stopped only 0,9°C below all-time record (+47,1°C) / and in Italya new European record was measured (+48,8°C) /, on Saturday, 14. August was extremely hot in Spain, too – according to updated information, up to +47,4°C in Montoro, which is a new all-time national record for Spain!

Meanwhile, in Tunisia and Algeria, heatwave brought all-time temperature records (Tunisia, +50,3°C) and deadly wildfires, too /

Extremely hot was in Madrid, too – the hottest day ever brought the maximum temperature up to +42,7°C at stations of the city.

In some places of Iberia, temperatures were reaching +41/+42°C around 2:00 – 3:00 at the night (Castellon de la Plana) and across the peninsula started to spread more and more wildfires.

Heatwave should be moreover deadly – mainly for people who do not follow a drinking regime and who are expose to direct sun for a long time.

From other cities were interesting temperatures on Saturday, 14. August 2021, e.g. in Cordoba, +46,9°C, Ecija, +46,5°C, Granada, +46,0°C, Toledo, +44,2°C or Pamplona, +41,6°C – in many places with all-time temperature records.

In Portugal, +42,6°C was measured in Evora (but national TOP will be probably 1-3°C higher), in southern France was measured on Friday, 13. August 2021 +41,9°C /

Weather models are returning extremely hot temperatures until Monday, 16. August – on Sunday is the hottest Murcia with +45,6°C, so far, but until early evening, this temperature will be even higher. On Monday, temperatures around +47°C are still possible in southern Spain, while from the north, a coldwave will arrive.

Hot weather is at the weekend reported from other parts of Europe, e.g. Firenze in Italy reported +40,8°C, Ustica, Italy, +39,8°C, Le Luc, France, +39,6°C, Knin, Croatia, +39,3°C, Skhodra, Albania, +39,4°C, Split, Croatia, +39,0°C, on Saturday, Carpentras, France, +38,7°C or Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, +38,4°C.

Heatwave is however returning above Italy, Balkan, Greece, and hit/hiss Alpine, Carparpathian region and Ukraine, too, with the next potential for breaking all-time records.

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