Argentina +40,5°C in winter (Rivadavia)!

In the last articles from a region, we informed about extreme temperatures in Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay / and tornado and storms in Tucapel, central Chile /

Now, we should update anomalous temperature from northern Argentina – in Rivadavia in winter maximum temperature reached on 20. August 2021 unbelievable +40,5°C and across the region, many August temperature records of maximum temperature were broken.

In Rivadavia, all-time South American record on 11. December 1902 was measured: +48,9°C – only 8,5°C more than during the current winter heatwave.

+36,8°C in Ituzaingó and +35,6C in Iguazú on 19. August was measured, what are the all-time August temperature records for stations.

Heatwave brought extreme +40,9°C in Paraguay, +40,4°C in Cuiabá, Brazil and +34,0°C in Uruguay /link above/ in the last days and extremely hot weather is coming between 2 periods with severe frosts and snowing.

Region reports severe drought, too, with weak coffee and orange harvest, damaged by frosts in last weeks /

The next coldwave for the region is forecasted already during the 3rd August decade – firstly will be hit Patagonia and gradually, the same regions, which report currently heatwave, will sink into frosts and possibly snowing, again.

Meanwhile, South Africa is ending a powerful coldwave / and Australia and Oceania are preparing to the next, above a continent wet and colder summer season 2021/2022, with a possibility of stronger cyclone season, weaker wildfire season, and a lot of spiders and mice /;

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