Great Lakes, the USA, with 36 cm / 14 inches of snow!

Only in the last article, we were informed about very cold conditions which hit in the last 10 days the USA, with a peak around 4. November, when frosts affected around 103 million people in the country /

A current coldwave brought into the Great Lakes region, mainly in Michigan, the USA, thanks to the lake effect, up to 14 inches / 36 cm of fresh snow.

From Tuesday to Wednesday, 2.-3. November 2021, in Cusino Lake fell 14 inches / 36 cm, in McMillan 12 inches / 30 cm, in Gaylord 11.7 inches / 30 cm or in Kenton or Waters 11 inches / 28 cm of snow.

Forecasters from the USA already expect the next severe blizzard in the region, with a possibility of the next 16 inches / 40 cm of snow already around the next weekend (GFS sees 14 inches / 36 cm for Minnesota currently but it should little change, yet).

Lake snow effects are in November approximately with a half probability such as in December or January, in February their incidence declines again.

According to long-term forecasts, in the next weeks, approximately until 15. December 2021, across Northern Hemisphere, the negative AO phase is forecasted

Winter in the USA and Canada is forecasted to peak around February 2021 /, while Christmas preliminary appears mostly warm /

Source: NOAA
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