Greece after the first snow around 1100 MASL, Hungary around 800 MASL, Greece with floods in lower situated regions, too, the next Mediterranean low is forecasted

In a few articles in the last week, we were informed, that Alpine, Carpathian, and Czechian basins and valleys around 500 – 1000 MASL have already experienced the first snowfall of the season /; and in this article, we will look behind the last Arctic blast in Greece and Hungary.

From Greece, heavy snowfall was before a week (around 15. October 2021) reported from mountainous regions around 1100 MASL.

In Hungary, 30 cm of snow surprised approximately at the same time such as in Greece elevations around only 800 MASL.

Arctic cold blast persisted until an early current week, with temperatures in frost basins and valleys rarely in interval -5/-10°C in continental Europe.

On Wednesday, 20. October 2021, Miercurea Ciuc, Romania, reported -4,5°C, yet, although in Central Europe already was peaking an extremely warm period of Indian summer /

At the weekend, -3,8°C was measured in Kocevje, Slovenia.

In Florina, Greece, +3,8°C, and in Kozani, Greece (around 600 MASL), +4,0°C was measured, near heavy rain.

Many parts of Greece reported during a Mediterranean low event severe floods before a week, including Corfu, Athens, or Thessaloniki.

In Kerkyra fell from the event 148,9 mm or rainfall, in Andravida 133,0 mm, in Doxato 107,4 mm, Thessaloniki reported 65,0 mm and Athens 53,0 mm.

The next Mediterranean low is forecasted for Italy, Greece, Turkey, and neighboring regions already in the next week, in Greece mainly in its second half.

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