Indian summer soon back! Spain / Portugal +34°C, Italy / France / Turkey +30°C, Balkan +27°C, Germany / Hungary / Ukraine +25°C, Benelux / Central Europe +23°C, British Islands / Eastern Europe +20°C

According to the newest GFS outputs it appears, that only a week of cold weather is before us, with a peak already in the next days, with a possible snowing below 1000 MASL and frosts in valleys very rarely up to -10°C /

Meanwhile, Scandinavia is preparing for extreme frosts up to -30°C and blizzard conditions /

After a cold period, Indian summer should arrive mainly into parts of Europe sooner, than was forecasted, already around 20. October (a possible peak from Spain to Ukraine between 19.-23.10.) and extremely warm air will shift above large parts of the continent again.

Extremely hot will be in Spain and Portugal, before 20. October up to +34°C (Mkweather estimate), Italy and southern France should reach above +30°C, Balkan +27°C, and southern Ukraine +25°C.

Very pleasant maximum temperatures: +25°C for Germany or +23°C for Poland are forecasted /see maps below/ – in England should be above +20°C, Benelux should reach +23°C and many central European countries very warm +23°C.

British Islands and many parts of Eastern Europe should see above +20°C, in Eastern Europe, maybe the last time in 2021.

Southern Turkey should see above tropical +30°C later, too.

Interesting will be mainly summer days above +25,0°C in Germany and tropical temperatures between +30 and +35°C in Spain and Portugal.

Minimum temperatures in many parts of Europe should remain above +15°C during the warmest nights.

It is possible, that Indian summer-like weather will then continue until late November 2021 in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere and warm air masses will be shifting across Europe in November, too / – 6-week ECMWF forecasts will be updated soon/.

After the last warm summer rays, an extremely cold start of Winter 2021/2022 is forecasted /;;


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