Nadym, 65°N, Russian Arctic, with +32,7°C at the end of Summer 2021 (16,4°C above climatic normal), a new all-time August record! Ukraine anomalous +37,5°C!

Not so far ago we were informed about +39,2°C measured at 55°N in Russia / and now, extremely hot weather arrived before a few days into north-Central Siberia.

In Nadym, 65°N, +32,7°C was on 23. August 2021 measured, what is the highest temperature in the city measured in August!

Absolute temperature record for the city from July has value only +34,7°C (only 2°C more) / and normal maximum temperature in the city in August is only +16,3°C, which is more than 16°C lower temperature, such was observed. In January, the temperature should drop in the city up to -57,7°C.

Extreme heatwave in Central Siberia during the last workweek was associated with a wildfire outbreak – Yekaterinburg reported +35,8°C and in Central Asia, temperatures reaching more than +40°C during this period.

For comparison, in Oymyakon, Yakutsk region, only a year ago, at the end of August 2020, almost -10°C was measured /some information on our old webpage:

Currently, the extreme heatwave has shifted southward, with anomalous temperatures in Iran (+51,9°C), Turkey (+47,5°C), and the Middle East /; updates on and from Europe, coldwave is coming.

Still hot is currently in southern European Russia and eastern Ukraine – in Ukraine record +37,5°C and in SW Russia up to +36,3°C, such as in Iraq (+51,0°C) or Saudi Arabia (+50,0°C).

While in Western Siberia are for Autumn 2021 forecasted early-season extreme Siberian blasts, Eastern Asia should suffer anomalous amounts of snowfall according to Mkweather Autumn forecast for Asia /

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