Terrifying and dramatic videos of Hurricane Ida, Category 5, Louisiana, the USA (MUST SEE!!!)

Only in the last 2 articles, we warned before the worst hurricane of Atlantic Hurricane season 2021 and simultaneously, the worst hurricane in Louisiana, the USA, since 1850 /https://mkweather.com/breaking-top-1-weather-event-natural-disaster-of-the-year-catastrophic-hurricane-ida-category-5-hit-the-usa-the-strongest-hurricane-in-louisiana-since-1850/; https://mkweather.com/people-in-gulf-coast-the-usa-are-escaping-from-the-strongest-hurricane-of-the-season-hurricane-ida-category-4-hits-the-usa-in-full-power//.

People from the South only a few days and hours before Hurricane Ida, Category 5, have started to escape to the North, and they made a good decision.

A powerful monster storm already caused colossal damages, but thanks to an effective system of evacuations, the number of fatalities is for now minimal.

From captures and footage of dramatic wind gusts, however, frost runs down the back and the first videos from the region are uncovering the terrifying reality.

A ship at sea near the point of landfall verified this intensity, with a reported sustained wind of 149 mph (240 km/h) and wind gusts to 172 mph (277 km/h).

Before the storm shifted above the land, a sustained wind of 160 mph / 258 km/h and wind gusts around 300 km/h were reported.

It became one of TOP 10 hurricanes making landfall in the USA in all-time history!

In the videos, we should notice flying objects, damaging to roofs, flooded streets, and coasts, and reports from the news with important information and warnings.

Approximately the first 5 videos are very powerful, with terrifying wind gust noises or dramatic footage.

In the next hours and days, very probably the next dramatic scenes on Youtube will appear – we will update the situation soon.

Now, the system is brining after weakening of winds heavy rains, with expected severe flooding in coastal and low elevated parts of Louisiana – it´s very probable, that almost all state ends underwater in the next hours and days.

Floods are forecasted above the continental USA, too and they shouldn’t be underrated – they should finally bring the bigger fatalities paradoxically in northern areas, from remnants of the system, bringing powerful downpours.

If you live in the USA we recommend you to watch the situation – not only Hurricane Ida but too Hurricane Nora in Southwest (and Mexico) /https://mkweather.com/hurricane-nora-category-2-hits-mexico-and-southwest-the-usa-mexicali-with-a-new-mexican-national-august-record-506c// – events are still ongoing and they are / will be associated with widespread damages.

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