NWT, Canada, +34,7°C, Yellowknife (capital) +32,6°C, the highest temperature ever, 79 wildfires in California and Oregon initiated by lighting

Extreme heatwaves are back!

Heatwaves already shifted from Lytton, British Columbia (+41,4°C before a few days /https://mkweather.com/mexico-and-southwest-with-monsoon-and-floods-northwest-and-sw-canada-the-next-heat-dome-lytton-414c-california-with-wildfires-after-storms//) above northern Canada and Northwestern Territory reports the hottest days ever!

Extremely hot was in Fort Liard, +34,7°C, Fort Providence, +34,5°C, Wrigley, +34,0°C, Fort Simpson and Norman Wells, +33,4°C, Fort Good Hope, +32,7°C or ever in capital Yellowknife, +32,6°C. Paulatuk on Arctic coast reported summer +27,2°C.

According to long-term outlook, heatwaves are forecasted for parts of Canada until half of September 2021 /https://mkweather.com/ecmwf-6-week-forecast-cold-weather-in-continental-europe-until-20-august-the-next-heat-domes-in-northern-america-hot-sahara-middle-east-and-central-asia-winter-peaks-in-south-america-and-south-africa// and warm weather is forecasted to stay in region until October 2021.

After beautiful 2021 Indian summer, strong cooldown is forecasted in Canada in late Autumn and thanks to NAO+ phases in December and January 2021 /https://mkweather.com/winter-2021-2022-forecast-strong-la-nina-but-episodes-with-nao//.

Meanwhile, in Southwestern USA, powerful monsoon is bringing floods and colder times /https://mkweather.com/mexico-and-southwest-with-monsoon-and-floods-northwest-and-sw-canada-the-next-heat-dome-lytton-414c-california-with-wildfires-after-storms//, while according to the newest information, 29 wildfires in California and 50 wildfires in Oregon were in the last days initiated by lighting and storms, despite of the fact, that heat dome is shifted into northern latitudes in western Canada and northwesternmost USA.









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