The Mediterranean hit extreme frosts and snowstorms! Winter 2021/2022 will come very early!

Europe hits premature and extremely strong winter!

A long period with very cold conditions is forecasted already between late November and early January 2021-2022 /visit our homepage, Winter forecast is available here:

NAO index is forecasted to fall to the lowest values since extreme frosts in Europe in January and February 2021, when frosts up to -35°C appeared in Europe (Czechia, Hungary around 1000 MASL) and April 2021, when up to -20,6°C was measured in low situated basins and valleys below 1000 MASL (Slovenia) /

Temperature is forecasted to decrease probably until the New Year / and the first cold period has already started on Tuesday, 23. November, with a peak in the last November days and early December 2021.

Not only severe frosts, possibly almost -40°C in Scandinavia, up to -25°C in continental Europe, -20°C in British Islands and -15°C in the Mediterranean, but too severe blizzards across the continent are forecasted!

Cold weather has a bad impact on the virological situation, heart attack rates, many kinds of cancer, or should cause hypothermia.

Blizzards should cause widespread problems on roads, highways, or railways and power outagesincluding metropolitan areas.

If you live in possible hit regions, we highly recommend you to watch current weather news, forecasts, warnings, and advisories.

-15°C in Spain, -20°C in Turkey, and -25°C in Balkan in densely, lower situated, populated, basins and valleys! Balkan under tons of snow!

Severe and life-threatening frosts at almost -40°C are in the next period forecasted for Scandinavia /, while in continental Europe, -25°C should be measured, soon /

Similar temperatures, from -20°C to -25°C should be measured in Balkan, too, mainly in Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina or Northern Macedonia, in lower situated and densely populated basins and valleys below 1000MASL!

Extremely low temperatures, below -15°C are however very possible in mountainous parts of Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Montenegro, or Kosovo, too.

Similar temperatures, up to -15°C are possible already around Sunday, 28. November 2021, in Spain, on the same day as possible -20°C in British Islands /

Above Turkey, extremely cold air will come a little later, between 5.-10. December, with a possibility of -20°C and lower temperatures in densely populated basins and valleys.

Meanwhile, snowfall around 1000 MASL and frosts up to -10°C are possible in the Atlas region, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

In Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Egypt winter is forecasted to come later, approximately around 10. December 2021, with rains, rare frosts, and snow in the mountains.

Severe frosts and snowfall should regional across the Mediterranean appear in coastal areas, too.

Blizzard conditions are forecasted mainly for many parts of Balkan //, with 10 – 50 cm, rarely more than 1 meter of snow below 1000 MASL, deep snow cover should appear in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Caucasus or North Africa in elevations around 500-1000 MASL regionally, if not in the next 16 days, so until Christmas 2021.

Mainly in Balkan, but too in Iberia and Italy below 1000 MASL so-called “ice days with maximum temperatures below 0°C, in Balkan rarely so-called “Arctic days” with maximum temperatures only below -10°C (fogs, peaking of coldwaves, the coldest valleys, snow…) are possible.

Frosts should be mainly in mountainous regions and near long outdoor activities health or even life-threatening, therefore stay safe, warm and watch current weather news, forecasts, warnings, and advisories.

Above northern parts of the Mediterranean, T850 hPa -5/-10°C, in northern Balkan rarely below -10°C is forecasted.

The deepest frosts are forecasted in regions with heavy snowfall, weak winds, and very dry Arctic, Greenlandic or Siberian air masses.

It appears, that severe frosts should be continuing until New Year 2022 – Mkweather brings long-term outlooks updates for Europe already in the next articles.

During the next period, we will be bringing overviews of temperature records and updates of the next extremely cold outputs, furthermore.

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T2 m anomalies on 28.11. and 7.12. 2021 /
Expected snow cover: /
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