The UK -10°C, Greece +35°C? Extreme temperature differences across Europe after an Easter?

As we mentioned in previous articles about expected coldwave in Europe after an Easter 2021 /;;, cold air will be shifting above European continent from northwest.

Although regions hit by extreme coldwave are changing in forecast model outputs, yet, one forecast is relatively succussful – British Islands should experience with extremely cold days after an Easter, with possible snow showers or severe frosts.

It appears, that in Scotland, temperatures should drop up to -10°C.

On the other hand, it appears, that extremely hot advection from Sahara will shift from the Spain, France, Italy and Central Europe above Greece, Turkey and Balkan, where even higher temperatures such as in Western and Central Mediterranean are possible.

The newest outputs have surprised with a possibility of temperatures almost +35°C in Greece and Turkey around 7. April /in Turkey after extreme coldwave with snowstorms! :, with tropical days up to +32°C even in Bulgaria or Romania.

Continental Europe therefore will be on the broder of these 2 totally different air masses, with possibility of frontal precipitation, storms, in northwestern parts with possibility of snow showers or frosts, in southeastern parts hailstorms or temperature shocks.

It appears, that April will bring interesting weather patterns, yet, although, after a shorter NAO- and blocking phase around 7.4., more stable (such as was forecasted), more anticyclonic and NAO+ weather is still more probable /update of ECMWF weather regime forecast already in the next article/.


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Author: marekkucera
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